Winter in Danube Delta

The Danube Delta should not be in your holiday plans only in the hot period. In winter, the nature reserve is a story, it has a special charm.

Even if the vast majority think of the mountain resorts, CORMORAN RESORT presents you the reasons why it is worth spending the winter holidays in our accommodation units, in an authentic atmosphere, full of tradition and beautiful.

Go back to the origins! Dobrogea and, especially, the Danube Delta, is the region where Romanians have not given up tradition and origins, and the winter holidays are the ideal time to taste the past. The carols, the food and the dress of the locals make you return to your national belonging, values ​​and authentic culture.

Be part of the story! In winter, when everything is covered in snow and looks frozen, boating on the Delta canals makes you feel part of the story. During this period, nature is spectacular, and your thoughts will be disconnected and you will feel the joy with which children greet winter.

Enjoy the family! With the family, the holidays are the most beautiful, and when all members are happy, the well-being is immeasurable. Children can enjoy nature and play in the resort, and parents can relax with a cup of mulled wine by the fire.

In the Danube Delta, at CORMORAN RESORT, you can spend a relaxing winter vacation, away from the crowds of the city and the traffic we are used to on the way to the destination and back home, a unique holiday surrounded by peace and beauty.

We are waiting for you!

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