A. Excursions organized with Laguna or Catamaran boats
Minimum 3 pers for Laguna and minimum 6 pers for Catamaran
B.Excursions organized with Forward, Bayliner, Maxum, Big Blue, Omida fast boats
Minimum 4 adult persons 

If you want a boat to be used privately only by you, your family, or your friends  with an experienced and licensed boatman on a defined route during our excursions or another chosen and designed route by you, our chartering rates are:


  • The actual rental of fuel and lubricant is added to the rental rates;
  • Do not rent motor boats without the bargain of the company;
  • For boat rentals of more than 2 days, regardless of the types of individually rented boats, discounts are granted of 10-15% depending on the duration of the rental.
  • Transfer Murighiol – Sfantu Gheorghe (one way) = 100 RON/pers
  • Transfer Murighiol-Sfantu Gheorghe-Murighiol (two way)    = 180 RON/pers

Transfers are made:

  • From the Cormoran car park located in Murighiol commune, Tulcea county (10 Lei / 24h parking / car);
  • With boats : Forward, Bayliner, Maxum, Omida, Big Blue depending on the number of people;
  • With reservation (minimum 24 hours) and confirmed by e-mail at office@cormoran.ro indicating the number of persons, date and time of departure / arrival;
  • Transfers take place from sunrise to sunset;
  • 20 kg baggage + hand baggage is accepted; it is additionally charged with 5 Ron / kg of luggage plus a special tariff for bicycle or baby carriage
  • Children 0-7 years free of charge in the arms of an adult; children 7-14 years 50% of adult rate; children over 14 years old adult price

About Excursions:

  • Excursions are booked by mailing: office@cormoran.ro and Cormoran Resort reception until 20.00 of the day before the trip
  • ny person entering the perimeter of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration has the obligation to pay the Reservation Entry Fee (5 Lei / day, 15 Lei / week, 30 Lei / year) and to prove the payment of this tax to the bodies authorized to control the ARBDD territory;
  • We recommend those who take part in excursions to have this proof of payment of the ARBDD tax on them throughout the trip.
  • The trips take place in the areas of the Administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, where any activity, including tourism activity, is allowed only by this administration. You are in the territory of a NATURAL RESERVATION!
  • The tours we organize are the results of a work of locals, started in 1994, and which continues today, with the desire to try the fair presentation of the huge diversity of the Danube Delta, flora and fauna, local communities and their habits traditional;
  • Boating on the ARBDD territory is carried out with registered and licensed boats, run by boatmasters with a valid driving license from sunrise to sunset;
  • Wearing a life jacket is obligatory while sailing; in the case of non-survival of the life jacket, the person concerned and the boatmaster will be fined by the bodies authorized to carry out controls on the territory of the ARBDD;
  • The excursion boats are presented on our website www.cormoran.ro, but you can also see them on the spot. There are uncovered or semi-covered boats with a maximum capacity of 6-12 seats, with a very small draft that allows navigation through the most beautiful areas;
  • We have opted for these types of boats, considering that they can admire and fully discover the generous nature that surrounds us;
  • Boatmasters are the captains of the boats and responsible for your life. They have the authority to change the route, stop it, drive slower or faster so as to avoid any kind of incident. Please follow their instructions, it is in everyone's interest.

Advice for tourists: 

  • For safety reasons, children aged 1-6.99 will be kept in the arms by adults; adults and children have the obligation to wear the life jacket during their journey. Do not leave children unattended during the trip; it is the responsibility of the parents or their attendants;
  • We recommend wearing a cap, batik, etc. even if the used boats are semi-covered. The sun in the Danube Delta and especially the sun's reflections in the water are very dangerous and can produce sunstrokes;
  • In any season it is a good idea to have a water bottle, a rain cloak, a sunbathe, sun glasses and possibly a binoculars during your excursions;
  • Do not throw any trash into the water. Each craft is equipped with means of storing it;
  • Observe the excursion schedule, lunch time or break. It is a gesture of respect for all participants in the trip;
  • Meals served to local people: they are generally made with natural products purchased locally and cooked by housewives / households who learned the recipes from mothers and grandparents. We strongly recommend to try at least once such an experience to appreciate to the right value local products.

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