Visit Danube Delta!

Visit Danube Delta!

We make this urge out of the desire to promote the Danube Delta by all means, as CORMORAN RESORT is not only an accommodation but also an ambassador and promoter of this unique natural park in the world.

It is so often said that the Danube Delta is part of the UNESCO world heritage site that most Romanians are no longer aware of its significance. In fact, we remind you that the Danube Delta is the second largest and best preserved of the European deltas. The beauty of the Delta is conferred by its complexity, gathering over 360 species of birds and 45 species of freshwater fish. Tradition and authenticity are still present, on the territory and in the vicinity of the national park there are several objectives of tourist interest (places of worship, historical monuments, archeological sites, protected areas, natural areas). From North to South and from West to East, no matter how you cross the Delta on its lively and beautiful canals, you can't help but delight your eyes and soul. Visit the Danube Delta National Park and nature reserves: Capul Doloșman, Histria Fortress, Vătafu - Lunghuleț Complex, Sacalin Zătoane Complex, Grindul and Răducu Lake, Chituc Grindul, Grindul Lupilor, Popina Island, Horseshoe Lake, Caraorman Forest - Roșova Letăova Forest , Corbu-Nuntași - Histria, Belciug Lake, Rotundu Lake, Arinișul Erenciuc, Periteașca - Leahova Complex, Nebunu Lake, Babadag Forest - Codru, Ghiunghiurmez Hill and Murighiol Saltworks.

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