Danube Delta tourists, in safety conditions

According to the regulations in force, Cormoran Resort has taken all possible measures to be a safe place for lovers of Delta and nature, for fishermen and their families. Our team managed to fine-tune all the details and rules imposed by the authorities, by keeping social distance and regular disinfection.

Cormoran Resort is built in the heart of the Danube Delta on a generous surface, thus ensuring the physical distance that tourists want. Our complex offers accommodation in villas type A or B, and access is from the outside, and the restaurant and dining areas have been reconfigured, according to the rules. The sanitation and disinfection of the spaces are performed with rigor. Dispensers with disinfectant solutions have been placed at all entrances and common areas, and the cleaning of the accommodation spaces is done with professional disinfectant products. Everything for the health and safety of our guests. Thank you all for trusting us and for being equally responsible.

The new context generated by the pandemic has led many people to give up their holidays abroad and turn to domestic tourism. This year was about Romanians and for Romania as well. This summer, Cormoran Resort was happy to host families, young people and corporate people who had not been tourists in the Danube Delta and who we hope will return. Because, from our point of view, the Delta is the most beautiful place on Earth, because it is worth exploring in peace, because it resonates with each of us. Lately, our appetite has been opened to explore every corner of our country, to be tourists in Romania. Discover Romania too!


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