Cormoran Resort from Danube Delta

Uzlina village, Murighiol, Tulcea County

Reception: +40748.032.593

Marketing and Reservations Department

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 09.00-17.00

Rezervations phone: +40744.656.372 / +40745.059.818 


How do you get at Cormoran Resort from Danube Delta:

At 38 km from Tulcea lies Murighiol village. Leave the village on Dunavat route and turn left on the first asphalted road. After around 300 m, on the right side you will see the Danube Delta CORMORAN RESORT parking, location where you can leave your car in maximum safety (non-stop security). Here you will be informed where to wait for the boats transfer to Danube Delta CORMORAN RESORT.

We recommend you to call from Tulcea at Danube Delta CORMORAN RESORT Reception at the phone number +40748.032.593, so that we can send you in time a boat for transfer.

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